Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weddings On A Budget Can Still Be Amazing!

Weddings can get expensive very quickly, but they don't necessarily have to.  There are plenty of things that you can do to keep the price tag in a comfortable place.  Our bridal gown store in Miami sees a lot of brides, and many of them have come up with some wonderful ways to stick to their budgets. Some are simple, some are creative, but they all resulted in a beautiful wedding day.  

The first thing that you should do is to pick a budget that you and your fiance can afford and STICK TO IT!  Decide what the 3-4 most important things are for your special day:  the dress (of course!), food, venue, music, etc..., and point your money toward those areas.  If something is not very important to you, then you don't need to be spending your budget on it.


One of our wonderful brides got married on a gorgeous farm while the grass and trees were their greenest, flowers were in full bloom, and the barn was perfect for setting up an incredible reception inside.  There was no need to do much decorating because the venue itself was breathtaking on its own.  Farms are also a perfect place to host a good old-fashioned cookout, so hot dogs and hamburgers fit right in with the whole feel of the wedding and saved quite a bit compared to a large, catered dinner.  

"This particular bride," stated David Abadi, "found a perfect gown in our Miami wedding dress shop for only $800, and it was so amazing on her that she looked as if she had spent a million!" 


Our wedding gown store online and in Miami carry lots of elegant dresses in a wide range of prices.  Bridal dresses start as low as $800, and we carry bridesmaid dresses ranging between $160 and $250.  You can outfit your entire wedding party for a very sensible price.  If you have allotted a large portion of your budget for fashion, we will be happy to point you in the direction of our higher-priced gowns.  All 5 of the dresses featured in this blog are under $1,000.

Wedding gown styles  #5108  &   #5363   Click the links for dress details.  
Wedding dress style  #5303

Wedding gown styles  #5367  &  #5312     


Favors are an area that can dig into a budget very quickly, and most of the time all of those favors get left behind after the reception.  If you have your heart set on favors, make sure that you choose something people can really use and want to keep.  Edible favors are always a big hit.  On the other hand, if you can't really think of anything incredible for a favor, skip it!  You are already treating your guests to a party and a meal. 


Another sweet couple's favorite meal was breakfast, so this is what they decided to serve for their reception.  Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? The guests absolutely enjoyed it because it was different and unexpected, and the bride and groom fed everyone for a smaller price tag.  Even better than how much less it cost, it was a great personal touch because it featured their favorite foods.


If all you really need are the dress and your groom, eloping can be an inexpensive option.  Put your money towards a beautiful destination wedding for just the two of you.  You could tie the knot under the Eiffel Tower in Paris or on a tropical, sandy beach in the Virgin Islands.  The United States also has plenty of beautiful options itself.  Napa Valley offers gorgeous vineyards for a setting, the Florida Keys has breathtakingly beautiful beaches, and there's always Las Vegas for getting it done quickly and fun. You will already be at your honeymoon spot when you get married and most of these popular destinations offer great package deals.  

At the end of the day, it won't matter what you spent, but how special the day felt to you and your fiance.  Decide exactly what will make the event special for you, and focus your money and energy there.  Our friendly staff at the best wedding dress store in Miami are here to help you find the perfect dress that fits into your budget.  When you shop at Brides of America, you will always be treated as a VIB (Very Important Bride), and we will help you pick out the gown that was made for you.     

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