Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking Back & Looking Ahead at Brides of America

The upcoming New Year's Eve has the best wedding dress store in Miami reminiscing about the past year and looking forward to all that 2016 will have in store for us.  Brides of America has been thinking a lot about what we have seen in the bridal fashion world in 2015.  Our very own David Abadi answered a few questions about what we experienced, and also what we are expecting to see in the coming year.  

Brides of America, Miami FL, online wedding dresses,

What dress and wedding accessory trends did you see most often in 2015?
Lace fit and flare wedding dresses with very little beading, more like a Chanel look. 

What were the most popular colors and styles for bridesmaid dresses?
We did very well with blush, eggplant and charcoal.  Brides and their bridesmaids seemed to gravitate towards those colors the most. 

On average, how many dresses do most brides try on before finding the perfect one?
The average bride tries seven dresses on, and usually the first gown they tried on was the one they ended up falling in love with!
Can you name the best moment at Brides of America in 2015?
The best moment is always when I see the bride crying because she has found the gown perfect gown.  

What new fashions can brides expect from Brides of America in 2016? 
Fit and flare are still going to be the most popular, but lately we started seeing a ballgown trend. 

How soon will the new lines be available for purchase? 
The new 2016 collections are available for purchase online.  By mid to end of February Brides of America will start receiving the 2016 collection in store.

What do you expect to see on bridesmaids?
Lots of sequins.  The new collection of sequin bridesmaid dresses can be used for any occasion.  

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
To continue giving my customers an amazing bridal experience.  Spoiling each and every bride is what we love to do here at Brides of America.  

Will Brides of America be attending any bridal shows or hosting any trunk shows in the near future?
Absolutely!  We have many future plans with the Perfect Wedding Guide and other shows. We have at least 4 trunk shows coming up in 2016. 

Brides of America, Miami FL, online wedding dresses,
Maritza Bridal Veil Trunk Show, Nov. 2015

Things are always changing in the bridal fashion world, while at the same time, so many things seem to stay the same.  At Brides of America, you can count on the fact that we will always make you the center of attention when you come in to try on gowns.  You can also be assured that every Mori Lee gown that we sell is of the very best quality and carefully designed and constructed with love and care.  

We will continue to offer the very best in customer service, whether you visit us in person in our Miami Bridal Gown store or buy a wedding dress online through the Brides of America website.  Best of luck to everyone in the new year.  Thank you to all of our wonderful customers from last year, and we look forward to meeting our new customers this year.  See you soon!


The gown of your dreams awaits you.

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Make Your Appointment for Our Mori Lee Bridal Trunk Show!

Our Fall 2015 Mori Lee Bridal Trunk Show has had an amazing turnout so far, and there are lots of very happy brides-to-be in possession of the dress of their dreams thanks to this showing!  Brides of America is thrilled to once again showcase the exquisite fashions from Mori Lee and offer the entire Fall collection to you with an added bonus.  

If you are able to visit our Miami wedding dress store by Monday, December 28, 2015, call and make your appointment as soon as possible.  This trunk show will give you the chance to see the entire line of bridal gowns from the Fall 2015 Mori Lee collections.  

The added bonus that Brides of America has for our beautiful brides during this trunk show is this:  $100 off of any wedding gown!  This special offer is only good on in-store purchases, and sales cannot be combined with any other store or manufacturer promotion.

A trip to the best bridal dress store in Miami is an incredible holiday gift to give to yourself.  You can go home with a glamorous wedding gown from the amazing Mori Lee Bridal Collection, plus get $100 off of the purchase price!  We will spend your time here spoiling you exactly the way that all brides deserve.    What are you waiting for?  Don't miss your chance to try on these dresses and so many more during the trunk show at Brides of America.         

Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

The gown of your dreams awaits you.

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When to Start your Wedding Planning - A Checklist

He proposed!  Once the excitement calms down a bit, what do you do next?  A lot of details go into planning a wedding.  It can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan. The best wedding dress store in Miami has met many brides over the years, and we have seen what works, and what doesn't.  Brides of America has put together a list of some of the basic wedding planning tasks to get you started.  

9-12 months before the wedding:

  • Announce your engagement!
    • It's time to share your excitement with everyone!
  • Begin a wedding notebook.
    • Whether it's a physical notebook or a digital one, find a way to keep track of all of your ideas and inspirations.  You'll see a lot of great ideas during your planning process, and this notebook will help you to narrow down your favorites.  
  • Start a guest list.
    • The amount of people that you invite will determine where you can hold the wedding.  If you are inviting 300 guests, that tiny chapel up the street won't work.  
  • Choose the venue &/or date.
    • If the venue is more important than the wedding date, you will have to choose from available dates on the venue's calendar.  If the date is more important to you, some venues may already be booked.  One will decide the other.  
  • Decide on a budget.
    • Pick a number and stick to it as best you can.  Nothing can ruin the memory of a special day like a long list of bills afterwards that were impulse buys.   
  • Ask your bridesmaids & groomsmen to be in the wedding.
    • If you love them enough to want them next to you while you say "I do," you'll want to give them plenty of time to make arrangements to be there.  
  • Start looking for vendors.
    • If you have a particular vendor that you absolutely have to have for your wedding, book them right away.  Photographers and officiants book up quickly because they can only do one wedding a day.  You have more time to find bakers and florists because they can handle more than one event a day.  

6-9 months before the wedding: 

  • Order your wedding dress!
    • The sooner you make an appointment to try on bridal gowns, the sooner you will find that dream dress.  You will need plenty of time for it to be ordered and possibly altered once it comes in.  This is especially true if you are ordering your wedding dress online.  Don't forget to choose the extras once you have the dress:  veil, headpiece, shoes, jewelry, undergarments...
  • Pick out and order your bridesmaids' dresses.
    • These will also need to be ordered and possibly altered.  
  • Send Save-the-Date cards.
    • This is only necessary if you are hosting your wedding out of town or near a holiday.  It will give everyone plenty of time to make arrangements to attend.
  • Begin looking at invitations.
    • This is another item that will need to be ordered, so the sooner you choose one the better.  They will still need to be addressed once they arrive.  
  • Make a wedding website.
    • You don't have to have one of these, but in this day and age, it's the best way to get information to your guests easily and quickly.  It's also a wonderful way to share your story and engagement photos.
  • Book hotel blocks for out-of-town guests.
    • Most hotels will offer a discount to your guests if you reserve a set number of rooms.  Don't forget to make special arrangements for the two of you on the wedding night too!
  • Begin a list of songs for the reception and ceremony.
    • It's wise to also make a list of DO NOT PLAY songs if there are any you absolutely cannot stand.
  • Sign up for gifts registries.
    • Have fun with this!  Take a break from planning and make it a date night. 

4-6 months before the wedding:
  • Finalize the guest list.
  • Order invitations.
  • Check the marriage license requirements for the county you are getting married in.
  • Pick out and order the men's attire.
  • Book a rehearsal dinner site.
  • Purchase anything that needs to be ordered.
    • favors, decorations, toasting glasses, etc...  If you are making any items yourself, start now!

3 months before the wedding:
  • Address wedding invitations.
  • If you are writing your own wedding vows, get them started.

1 month before the wedding:
  • Get the marriage license.
    • And keep it in a very safe place!
  • Make name changes on all documents.
    • driver's license, social security card, subscriptions, bills, etc...
  • Confirm details with all wedding vendors.
    • Make sure that everything you are expecting from them is happening.  1 month gives you plenty of time to make necessary changes.

2 weeks before the wedding:
  • Plan a schedule of events for the wedding weekend.
  • Give the final guest count to the caterer.

1 week before the wedding:
  • Confirm arrival times with all vendors.
  • Designate someone to return rental items after the wedding.

That may look like a lot at first glance, but if you take it one step at a time, it can all be done.  A wedding coordinator can take care of most of the tasks on this list for you and relieve a lot of wedding planning stress.  Brides of America knows the very best wedding vendors in Miami, and we are happy point you in the right direction.  

The important thing to remember is to take everything one step at a time.  A good friend of ours always says, "If you're not having fun, then you're not doing it right!" Yes, it will take some work to get everything that you want accomplished, but don't forget to enjoy the process along the way.  

One way to do that is to make an appointment at our Miami wedding dress store and spend a day letting us pamper you.  We will do everything that we can to make sure that the fashion portion of your wedding planning is special, enjoyable, and successful!

Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

The gown of your dreams awaits you.

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Don't Miss Our December Trunk Show!

If you are getting married in the near future, holiday gifts are not the only shopping on your mind.  You are going to need a wedding gown, and now is a wonderful time to find the perfect one.  

The best wedding dresses in Miami will be available to you during a special Trunk Show hosted by Brides of America.  Call us right away to make your appointment between Friday, December 18 through Monday, December 28 to view the Fall 2015 Mori Lee Bridal line collections.  You will get an up-close, personal look at each of these amazing wedding gowns.  Our highly qualified consultants will be here to help you try on your favorites. 

During the incredible Brides of America trunk show, you will also get $100 off of any wedding gown. This special deal is only good for in-store purchases, and sales cannot be combined with any other store or manufacturer promotion.  The sooner you make your appointment to try on these exquisite wedding fashions, the sooner you can find your perfect dream wedding dress.  

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, but these fabulous designs say even more than that to us.  Here are just a few of the spectacular wedding dresses that we will have available for you at this trunk show.   

Once again, don't hesitate to call us today to make your appointment to visit the best wedding dress store in Miami for our Trunk Show featuring the amazing Fall 2015 Mori Lee Bridal Gowns.  You may also request an appointment online through the Brides of America website.    The gown of your dreams may be waiting for you at our trunk show!

Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

The gown of your dreams awaits you.

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Winter Holiday Weddings

At Brides of America, our thoughts are always on weddings, but this time of year the holidays begin crossing our minds too.  Putting the magic of this time of year together with the excitement of a wedding makes everything seem extra special.

This time of year is also known as "engagement season" due to the rise in the amount of proposals.  If you are the recipient of an engagement ring over the holidays, planning a December wedding gives you an entire year to nail down the details.  The best special occasion dress store in Miami has a few festive ideas to get you started.      

Christmas Wedding

The Decor

Red and green are the usual colors associated with Christmas.  These allow you to utilize greenery and poinsettias in your decor, which are easy to find everywhere this time of year.  Cinnamon pine cones look nice too, and they smell even better.     

Don't feel like you have to stick with those colors, though.  White over everything covered with a bit of sparkle can lend to a snowy, wintry feel.  Blue is also a lovely color to use this season, especially alongside white and silver.  Lots of twinkle lights placed everywhere set each of these color schemes off beautifully.   

The Favors

There are lots of fun ideas to use for favors at a wedding around Christmas. A favor is, after all, a gift for your guest, so wrapping it up in a pretty box with a bow makes perfect sense and fits the season nicely.  Another festive idea is to add a personalized tree ornament at every place setting.  It can double as both a favor and a place card.  A delicious favor that everyone will want to take home is a jar or pretty mug full of hot chocolate mix.  

The Fashion

Bright, vibrant colors on your bridesmaids lend to a festive spirit for a Christmas wedding.  As for the bride herself, a delicate, lacy overlay that resembles snowflakes is a nice touch.  December is a wonderful time to take wear beautifully elegant long sleeves.  If you are getting married in an area where the weather is cold, there are gorgeous wraps, shawls, and jackets made specifically to pair with a luxurious gown.  

New Year's Eve Wedding

The Decor

New Year's Eve celebrations generally bring to mind black tie affairs and lots of sparkle, flash, and pizazz.  A wedding trend prediction for 2016 is the use of metallics in decor, which is perfect for a New Year's Eve wedding.  Because of the midnight countdown, clocks can be incorporated in some way.  Most importantly, make sure there is confetti... LOTS of confetti!  Also, this is a great night for giving all of your guests sparklers.  While balloons aren't often used for weddings, they fit right in with a New Year's Eve theme.  This holiday is one great big party, so your wedding reception can lean toward a more outgoing, "party all night" type of feel, even more than usual.          

The Favors

Every place setting will definitely need horns or party blowers and maybe some sparkly top hats and tiaras.  Incorporating those items into the centerpiece will give them double duty.  Another great idea is a pocket 2016 calendar for every guest with your 1-year anniversary marked in it for them.  New Year's Eve can be a big drinking night, so how about making sure everyone leaves with a mini hangover kit? Some alka-seltzer, ibuprofen, sunglasses, water bottle, mints, 5-hour energy, eye drops...  you get the idea.  

The Fashion

This type of celebration is perfect for a bit of drama.  Big and bold fashion for a great bit party  Dresses with with some sparkle and shimmer will fit in nicely with all of the metallics and confetti in your decor.  You can opt for classic, black-tie elegance or a shimmery party dress to dance the year away in.  


The holidays are an incredible time to get married, full of beauty and magic.  The best bridal shop in Miami can help you find the perfect dress for your wedding, no matter what time of year you choose to have it.  Brides of America has an amazing variety of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses that will fit in perfectly with the reception that you are envisioning.  Shop our online wedding dress store or make an appointment to visit us in Miami.  The gown of your dreams awaits you!   

Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Amazing Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

We hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Focus now shifts from turkey and pumpkin pie to holiday shopping. The best bridal store in Miami wanted to make sure that our beautiful brides were offered some incredible specials along with everyone else this Black Friday weekend.  Brides of America will be hosting some wonderful discounts and a Trunk Show at our Miami store, and we're even taking care of those that cannot make it to Florida with a Cyber Monday special from our online wedding dress store.  


$100 off any wedding gown, any veil, and tiara!

At Brides of America, we prefer to think of this as our WHITE FRIDAY - BLACK FRIDAY SALE!  It's not strictly all about the white dresses though.  Ivory, champagne, whichever color you choose, we've got a special for you.  Call early to schedule your appointment to try on our gorgeous wedding dresses.  This weekend, when you find your dream wedding gown, we will give you $100 off!  You will also receive $100 off of any veil and tiara.  

This incredible sale is good only for in-store purchases, and sales cannot be combined with any other store or manufacturer promotion.  The offer is good until Monday, November 30, 2015.  You must have an appointment to try on wedding gowns and take advantage of this deal, so call us right away.  

Maritza's Bridal's 2016 Tiara and Veil Collection
Trunk Show

1-Day Only!  Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reserve a part of your Sunday to come in and get a look at the beautiful, handmade tiaras and veils from our talented friends at Maritza's Bridal Veils.  You will get to view the exquisite 2016 collection.  The perfect bridal headpiece is probably right here waiting for you to discover it!  Once again, this is by appointment only, so contact us to schedule a time.  


$100 off ALL Online Wedding Dress Orders PLUS
FREE Shipping and FREE Garment Bag

Brides of America, Miami, online, wedding dresses
No appointment is needed to shop our convenient online wedding dress store.  If you are not able to make it to Florida to shop in our Miami store, you can still get your wedding gown from Brides of America.  All you have to do is place an order for your favorite dress on Monday, November 30, 2015 along with the sale code #113015.  If you do not see a box for the code, please include it in the comment section.    

Our online wedding dress store features beautiful gowns from Mori Lee.  The collections include:  Mori Lee, AF Couture, Blu, Voyage, and Julietta.  The $100 off discount is only good for dresses, but while you are online, you can also find the perfect wedding tiara to go along with that dress.

Brides of America, Miami, online, wedding dresses
Brides of America is very excited to be able to treat our beautiful brides to these wonderful special deals.  If you are near our Miami wedding dress store, please make your appointment so that you don't miss out.  If you will be wedding gown shopping online, start browsing right away so that you know exactly what you want to order when you make your purchase on Monday.  Thank you in advance for letting us be a part of your very special day.  


Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

MGNY - Madeline Gardner New York Bridal Dresses

Everyone here at your favorite wedding dress store in Miami is very excited about a new collection of wedding gowns that will be arriving at our store for 2016.  The amazing designer for Mori Lee, Madeline Gardner, created an exclusive line inspired by the incredible city of New York.  Brides of America will soon have dresses from the MGNY - Madeline Gardner New York - wedding gown collection for you to try on. We are sure you will fall in love with them, just as we have.  

Madeline Gardner 
David Abadi, owner of Brides of America, had this to say.  "This line is totally beautiful and romantic.  I love it!  We are one of the few stores in Florida where you can find these exquisite dresses.  Madeline did an amazing job designing this new collection."

Madeline Gardner is recognized all over the world as a premier bridal designer. She grew up in New Jersey and graduated from the Fashion Institute of New York City.  The influence of glamorous New York City had a lot to do with the final look of the modern and stylish designs in her MGNY collection. 


You will find the name Madeline Gardner on the stunning Mori Lee collections covering all areas of women's wedding fashion.  This award-winning designer has been working with Mori Lee for over 30 years.  Together, this team-up has produced incredible gowns for all types of women.  It is not hard to find something to love in every single one.  The hardest part is picking your favorite.              

Brides of America cannot wait to show off the new 2016 collection to all of our blushing brides.  The Madeline Gardner New York bridal dresses are simply breathtaking.  If you are in the Miami area, make an appointment with us to try on your favorites.  Our Florida bridal gown store carries designer dresses in a variety of sizes.  You will also be able to shop for bridesmaid dresses from the talented Madeline Gardner, as well as many other special occasion gowns.  You will find the perfect, dream dresses for everyone in your wedding at Brides of America.     


Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridal Veil

A bridal veil can do a lot for the look you are striving to acheive on your wedding day.  It can add romance, drama, mystery, or playfulness.  The best wedding dress store in Miami has a lot of experience matching the perfect veil to a bride and her wedding gown.  Brides of America features the beautifully designed veils of Maritza's Bridal Veils to present to all of our brides.

A bridal veil is meant to accentuate the beauty of your wedding dress.  It is also an excellent accessory for showing off some of your personal style.  They come in a variety of lengths, fabrics, and shapes with an array of embellishments.  

Maritza's Bridal Veils are handmade with the highest quality materials.  Maritza herself has over 40 years of experience in the bridal industry, The personal service and high-quality work that comes from Maritza's Bridal Veils is the reason that they are the headpiece designer that we choose.  Only the very best for Brides of America brides!  

"I have known Maritza and her daughters for over 30 years now, and they are not only our supplier, they are very good friends of mine and my family," says Brides of America owner David Abadi.  

You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for.  These bridal veils range from small and delicate to grand and extravagant.  You will find Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and fresh water pearls adorning veils.  You can choose simple, elaborate, or anywhere in between.       

Veil Lengths

Birdcage veils

This is the shortest veil length.  They cover your eyes or reach down to the chin. 

Shoulder-length veils

These end anywhere between your shoulders and the middle of your back.  

Elbow-length veils

Wonderful with ball gowns because they end where the skirt begins to flare out.

Fingertip-length veils

This length seems to be the most popular.  It is very flattering to both brides and their dresses.  

Ballet-length veils

Also called waltz-length, these end between the knees and the ankle.  The elegance of a long veil, yet still short enough to dance in and not trip over.  

Chapel-length veils

Romantic and a bit more formal, chapel-length  reaches the floor, and may pool a little, but does not have a train.  

Cathedral-length veils

Very fashionable and dramatic, this veil can fan out longer than your gown's train. They make for gorgeous photographs, but they can be difficult to maneuver.  

Factors to Consider

Dress type

Your veil should add to the beauty of your wedding dress, not take attention away from it.  They should compliment each other in style, material, and color.  


How are you planning to wear your hair on your wedding day?  Your hairstyle will determine how the veil will attach to and sit on your head.  

Wedding location

An outdoor wedding may not be the best place to wear a cathedral-length veil.  It would pick up everything on the ground that you walked over.  If you will be in an area that may get windy, a shorter veil is less likely to blow about.  

Reception style

If you would like to keep a veil on during your reception, you may want a multi-tiered version that can be removed in pieces.  Also, consider how easily your veil is attached and taken off.  You will want the transition to be easy when you remove it.

After you purchase your bridal veil, hang it up as soon as you get it home.  This will loosen any wrinkles naturally.  If they do not all fall out, steam the rest away. 

Your favorite wedding dress store in Miami is here to help you through the entire veil-picking process.  Our talented consultants will assist you in finding the perfect veil to give you the look that you are dreaming of.  With Brides of America and Maritza's Bridal Veils, you are guaranteed amazing customer service, the best quality materials, and a beautiful finished look.  

Blog author:  Deanna Powell - WhereBridesGo.com

Brides of America is an authorized retailer of all Mori Lee Bridal Lines.

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