Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bridal Fashions From the 40's, 50's, & 60's

One of the best things about fashion is that once something "goes out of style," eventually time goes by and it's right back in again! The gowns that we sell in our wedding dress store in Miami have an elegant, timeless look about them, but the details within these designs often showcase a fashion feature that stands out and brands it as belonging to a certain time period. 

David Abadi, owner of Brides of America, recently found some beautiful wedding photos of family and friends from the past, which he is sharing with us throughout today's blog. This got us to thinking about the different styles that brides seemed to prefer over the years, particularly the 40's, 50's, and 60's. According to David, "Lots of key elements from the wedding dresses of those decades are becoming popular again. I see them in many of the newest styles.

(Please note, there were no dates with the vintage photos, so they are not necessarily pictured next to the actual era they are from.) 

The 1940's
This was during war time, so many women simply wore the best dress that they could afford at the time. The ones that were able to afford a bridal gown stuck to simple, modest styles. After the war, there was a boom in weddings when the troops got home, and wedding dresses started to become more stylized. 

Gibson sleeves were very popular, which were long with a point at the end. High collars were often worn, and you might see netting at the neckline, or a slight sweetheart shape. A modest white or ivory was usually worn, or occasionally a beige. 

The 1950's
Ballerina-length skirts, on both the brides and their bridesmaids, were all the rage in the 50's. As hemlines became shorter, so did the veil lengths. A fitted bodice with a full skirt was a favorite look, as well as the sweetheart neckline. Brides fell in love with this neckline when Elizabeth Taylor wore it in "Father of the Bride," and later when Grace Kelley wore it in her own wedding with a lace overlay. If a strapless gown was chosen, something, like a bolero jacket, was worn to cover the shoulders for the church ceremony. 

The 1960's
Waistlines got higher in this decade, and veils continued to get shorter. Many brides wore a pillbox hat with a bouffant veil. Necklines stayed modest and still kept fairly high. An empire silhouette was a style many women chose. Some brides were bold enough to add a few metallic embellishments, and many were seen with floral embellishments. 

Every wedding dress is different, but if you look closely enough, you can see similarities between many of them. Styles from the past, combined with modern influences, are what inspire designers to create the exquisite bridal gowns that you see in our online wedding dress store and in our Miami bridal boutique. 

Look through some old wedding photos, either online or in your family albums, and see if you can spot special elements within those bridal gowns that you would still love to wear today. It's a fun and fashionable trip down memory lane! Once you are inspired, make an appointment to look through the gorgeous gowns at Brides of America to find your own look that will stand the test of time. 

The gown of your dreams awaits you.
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