Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tips To Encourage Great Toasts At Your Wedding

Most of the wedding planning decisions are made by the bride and groom, but one area that is partially out of your control is the toasts. You can decide who speaks, and for how long, but what your best man and maid of honor say are going to be a surprise to the both of you. Today, Brides of America has a few tips for you to share with the people that will be speaking at your wedding, plus a few great video examples that might give them some creative inspiration. 

The key to a great wedding toast is sincerity, but if if can also entertain the guests along with the wedding couple, then that toast will be a happy and memorable part of the reception for everyone. Here are a few tips to share with your toast makers. 
  • Make it personal...
    but not too personal! Including details about how the couple met, how the toast maker met the couple, and funny stories about special moments leading up to the wedding are great subject matter. Do not include anything that is inappropriate for the guests in attendance, and don't mention past relationships or bash marriage in any way. Keep things positive.  
  • Plan it into the timeline.
    You can request that toasts are limited to a certain amount of time to keep the momentum of the reception flowing. Plan for them to take place when everyone has a drink in hand and before any guests have had too much to drink already. If your best man or maid of honor is planning something big (like in the videos below) they can tell you how long it will take without having to clue you in on any surprises.  
  • Practice makes perfect.
    Strongly suggest that your toast makers plan what they will be saying ahead of time rather than winging it, and that they practice their toast a few times in front of a mirror or in front of someone else.  
  • Make sure everyone can hear it.
    Get the guests' attention before beginning the toasts, and have the DJ give the toast maker a microphone so that everyone can hear. The person giving the toast should speak clearly and not rush through it.

Your best man and maid of honor simply need to speak from the heart. Some simple words about how special you are to them and a few good wishes for a happy future together are all that is needed for a great wedding toast. If you happen to have creative, talented friends that love to entertain a crowd, you may end up with something like this: 

Some people aren't comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Here is a perfect example of a toast that earns a standing ovation, but the man giving it doesn't have to say a word! 

Another place to find toast inspiration is from popular TV shows, Late Night skits, current songs, or other pop culture references. 

They can always enlist help, too. In addition to creating a personalized song for the wedding couple, this best man brings in a few friends to join him at about 3 minutes and 40 seconds into the video. 

A great wedding toast can be a highlight to any reception and a wonderful memory to take home after the wedding. Great ceremony memories begin when you enter the wedding in your beautiful bridal gown. Choosing a dream dress is a wedding planning decision that you have total control over. Visit us at Brides of America in Miami, or order your wedding dress online through our website if you aren't in the South Florida area. We'll make sure your wedding day fashion is as special as you are! 

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